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180, Allée des Peupliers
38250 Lans En Vercors

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+33 (0)6 21 54 81 59

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Technical book

We have 3 structures designed exclusively for our shows. According to the space, the duration, the frequency and the demand, we adapt ourselves to the area of evolution. For the indoor performances, our equipments are compatible with fragile covers (Grounds of basketball, stages). The Freestyl'Air team is composed with professionals declared and covered in professional Civil liability. The initiation is supervised by a State-certified Instructor.

Aire de Shows Freestyle
Concept Freestyl'Air Show Village 2017
Structure Gd Format 2017
Structure Gd Format 2017 2
Camion 2 Quarter
Nouveau Concept Ok W
spectacle bmx vtt cabaret scène
Cage Freerunning Parkour
Camion 1 Rail 4 M
Camion 2 Quarter 1
Camion 2 Spectacle Velo
Fun Box Freestylair Indoor
Fun Box Freestyl'air 1
Modules 2014 (1)
Modules 2014 (3)
Remorque 2 Step Up Freestyl'air
Show Indoor Renault
Strucures Freestyl'air


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